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Chrissy Metz reveals which 'This Is Us' cast member misses everyone the most

Metz says the Pearson clan has kept in touch while they are stuck at home.
/ Source: TODAY

The “This Is Us” family is a lot like your family during quarantine.

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on the NBC drama, said on Wednesday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that the cast has remained in touch during the quarantine, while pointing out that one of her on-screen brothers is the one who makes it happen.

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“Yes, we have done the Zoom. We have Zoom, Zoomed. And it was so sweet because Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, he’s the one that’s like, ‘Hey, guys, do you want to Zoom?’” Metz said.

“He’s not just a handsome guy who’s super talented. He has the biggest heart and so it was so cute that he’s the one who wanted to arrange it.”

Metz also said Chris Sullivan, who plays her husband, Toby, on the show, arranged the appointment time and called it the Miguel Rivas Fan Club, in honor of Miguel, Jack’s best friend, played by Jon Huertas, who would go on to marry Rebecca after his death.

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“And everyone is always like, ‘No one likes Miguel.’ Jon is the best sport about it all because everybody just makes a joke about it, but, yeah, it’s a lot of fun,” Metz said. “We just get to sort of see each other, which is nice. It’s like the phone calls aren’t quite enough and the text chats aren’t quite enough.”

And while the quarantine has not necessarily been easy, it suits Metz just fine.

“I think, really, me, honestly. I have to be honest. I really like being at home. I really do,” she said when Clarkson asked who from the show is having the best time.

Metz doesn’t have kids, so she has not had to deal with the challenges of homeschooling, but she does have sympathy for co-star Sterling K. Brown.

“He and his wife are obviously teaching their two sons and he’s like, ‘Ugh, man.’ He’s like, ‘I gotta run, guys. I gotta start class. I gotta do this. We gotta do that.’ Listen, I can barely keep a succulent alive that I started having beginning of quarantine,” she joked.