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Chrissy Metz reveals she met boyfriend Bradley Collins on Bumble

The happy couple met on the dating app and have been going strong for months.
/ Source: TODAY

She’s a star on a hit show, so Chrissy Metz probably met boyfriend Bradley Collins in some glamorous, Hollywood way, right? Wrong.

The actor said she met Collins on a popular dating app around the start of the coronavirus lockdown while in Nashville.

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“On Bumble, let’s be honest,” she said during an appearance Tuesday on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna when asked how they got together.

“I don’t endorse the company. However, it does work,” she joked before a picture of the couple appeared on the screen.

“It was very unexpected. It’s funny because we know — it’s Bradley — we know all the same people. We have all the same friends and we’ve been in the same rooms before, but we’ve never connected, so it was interesting. We really got a chance to know each other because you can’t get to smooching too soon when you’re social-distance dating. It’s helpful, guys. Get to know the person you’re dating.”

Metz also said it was refreshing to date someone at a slower pace than normal.

“It was really nice," she said. "I was like, ‘Oh, wow! I really like this person as a human. This is gonna be good.'”

Metz revealed in October she and Collins were dating. The couple spent the holidays together, which was a saving grace.

"I'm grateful that he was able to spend Christmas (in L.A.),” she told People. “It's hard because the quarantine, the two weeks here and there, and testing. I'm so, so glad that I was able to spend it with him because being away from my family was hard, it was hard this year as I'm sure it was for everybody.”

Metz’s personal life is humming along on all cylinders, as is her professional one. A country singer, she hopes to release her new album in March, and “This Is Us” returns with all-new episodes Tuesday night with viewers hoping to get the scoop on whether or not her character, Kate, was indeed pregnant as a teenager, a plot point some fans have taken to task.

Shooting the show has been a challenge in the era of the coronavirus. During her interview on TODAY, a video popped up of co-star Justin Hartley, which showed him in one of a few small pods, or what she referred to as “Barbie boxes,” which are small booths made out of plexiglass and wood.

“There’s a shower curtain. We have masks on. Everybody has masks and shields. We can’t go out the same door that the group B goes in and out of. I mean, there’s a COVID captain," she said.

"It’s serious business, and I’m grateful because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to be in production. It’s a little different. We don’t get to hug our friends. We’re making adjustments, but I’m glad that we’re back and we can still bring the show to everybody.”