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Chris Pratt explains how his nasty sunburn put a damper on his honeymoon

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star says it took less than 10 minutes for him to get completely fried.
/ Source: TODAY

Chris Pratt is still feeling the burn.

On Wednesday's episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Jurassic World” star talked about the wicked sunburn he got while on his honeymoon last year with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“You’ll notice the butt. That’s the color I typically am,” he said while showing a photo of his burned backside.

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I think it’s this. Over the last five years, I’ve been doing all of these movies. And in those movies, I look so tan, but I forget that it’s sprayed on. And I thought, ‘I’m gonna get myself a little color,' and I laid out and that took no more than nine minutes,” he said.

DeGeneres couldn’t believe Pratt got cooked so quickly.

“Were you on the sun?” she asked.

“We were in a tropical location and I just remember Katherine saying, ‘You have to put on sunscreen’ and I said, ‘No, I wanna get a little base going and then we’ll throw some SPF on,'" Pratt said. “I laid out and I was like, ‘Is someone cooking Norwegian bacon?’ It happened so fast. I forgot how translucent my skin is.”

He did agree with DeGeneres’ assessment that it must’ve “put a damper” on his honeymoon.

“A long time,” he said, when asked how long it hurt. “I still have a weird tan line from it. Yeah, that’s not gonna end well.”

He also said he wore his shirt whenever he went swimming for the rest of the trip — “Which is so sexy,” he quipped.

"Everything, shirt on. Every activity that happens on a honeymoon: shirt on," he added. "Yea, really sexy."

Pratt, who turned 40 last year, also said he is starting to feel the effects of aging.

“My body makes a lot more noises now. I have an ankle that just every third step’s gonna crack. My knees pop. It’s like I got a brass band living in my hips. My back can scat,” he said while cracking his neck.

"Don't do that!" DeGeneres urged him.