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Chris Pratt crops 'bestie' Jennifer Lawrence out of his photos — and we love it!

Pratt's been pulling a funny prank on his new co-star.
/ Source: TODAY

Fans will soon be able to see Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence together on the big screen in "Passengers." But if they don't want to wait until the film's Dec. 21 release date, they can just check out Pratt's Instagram account for some side-by-side shots of the stars.

Sort of.

We apologize, this video has expired.

While the pals are close to each other in all of the photos that prankster Pratt posts, he carefully crops out most of her face, just for the fun of it.

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In fairness to the actor, sometimes he doesn't actually cut Lawrence out of the pics. He simply manages to aim his camera when she's not quite ready for a photo — or even aware that he's taking one.

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Despite the overall lack of Lawrence, Pratt makes sure to salute his "bestie" in the captions by overselling her presence.

"Here's an extremely artistic and meaningful video I made in which Jen is heavily featured," he wrote alongside a clip of himself in which, if you look carefully, you might just see the actress in the background.

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