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Chris Pratt is 'awesome-sauce' in hilarious ‘Jurassic Parks and Recreation' mashup

Chris Pratt in both "Jurassic World" and NBC's "Parks and Recreation."
Chris Pratt in both "Jurassic World" and NBC's "Parks and Recreation."Today

If you like the “Jurassic Park” franchise, NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” or their shared star, Chris Pratt, “Jurassic Parks and Recreation” is the "awesome-sauce" mashup you never knew you needed until now.

Posted Friday by the YouTube account Thanks Mom Productions, the fan-made video splices hilariously appropriate clips from “Parks and Recreation” (on which Pratt plays the affably dense Andy Dwyer) into the trailer for “Jurassic World” (in which Pratt plays the protagonist, Owen).

Among the many highlights:

  • Dwyer's recitation of a particular set of skills could come in handy if a dinosaur should get too rowdy: “Security. Sweets. Body Man. Javelin, if need be.”
  • The only thing splashier than a shark-eating dinosaur? Dwyer’s explosive, water-balloon hug of Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe).
  • Owen’s warning that a hybrid dinosaur will “kill anything that moves” is confirmed by his "Parks and Recreation" alter ego: “You die!”
  • "Parks and Rec's" fearsome Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) is shown terrifying legions of fleeing “Jurassic World” characters — and proves to be immune to the devastating powers of Dwyer's marshmallow gun.
  • Despite the plea of "Jurassic World's" Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) to “run,” Dwyer crumples in a heap and declares what many of us have thought all too often on a treadmill: “Running is impossible.”
Chris Pratt in both "Jurassic World" and NBC's "Parks and Recreation."Today

Since, to our knowledge, the release of “Jurassic Parks and Recreation” will be limited to this YouTube trailer and our vivid imaginations, the return of “Parks and Recreation” will have to suffice; the first episode of the final season premieres Jan. 13.

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