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Chris Noth reveals his favorite 'Sex and the City' moment with Sarah Jessica Parker

Noth, who played Mr. Big, said his time on the show was "just a blast."
/ Source: TODAY

Carrie and Big’s relationship on “Sex and the City” may've been full of drama — but Chris Noth, who played Mr. Big, treasures the show's goofier moments that he filmed with Sarah Jessica Parker.

“My favorite was when she farted in bed,” Noth, 66, said during a recent appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

He also revealed that he volunteered to create the crucial sound effect for the scene, which appears in the episode, "The Drought," from season one.

"(Carrie) tried to put her head under the covers, and it was like, 'No, don’t go there, that’s where the trouble is,'” Noth recalled.YouTube

“I insisted on doing the sound to get it right because I’m an expert in farts,” he said.

“You are still a boy, I love it,” Clarkson laughed.

“That was a good one because then she tried to put her head under the covers, and it was like, 'No, don’t go there, that’s where the trouble is,'” Noth continued.

Later in the episode, his character surprised Carrie with a whoopee cushion.

“She was out getting a glass of wine and I put it on her chair,” he said.

Noth also has fond memories of the season three finale, when he and Parker took a tumble into a lake.

They fell into the Central Park pond together during the season three finale.YouTube

“I also enjoyed falling into the pond with her in Central Park,” he said. “That was a one-take shot, we had one take to do it, and I love that picture.”

During the series, Noth played Carrie’s on-again, off-again love interest who eventually became her husband in the two follow-up “Sex and the City” movies. However, it has not been confirmed whether he will reprise his role as Mr. Big for the upcoming revival on HBO, “And Just Like That.”

A February report from Page Six said that Noth would not be appearing in the new 10-episode series. But Noth has since dropped some hints that all hope may not be lost for fans wanting to see Mr. Big again.

When one wrote to him on Instagram saying they were heartbroken that he would not be coming back for the reboot, Noth replied directly in the comments, “Everything changes — including announcements in the rags.”

He dropped another hint in the same Instagram post, responding to another fan also devastated by reports that he would not be returning.

“Well if page six says it… it must be true,” he wrote to the fan with a winking emoji.

In his recent interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Noth said he looks back fondly on his time on the hit show.

“There are so many great moments in the series of comedy, and it was just a blast to do it,” he said.