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Chris Klein takes aim at TomKat

Holmes’ ex-fiancé says he isn’t ‘crying myself to sleep’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It was as storybook as Hollywood could get.

For five years, Chris Klein and Katie Holmes were a hot item. They were even engaged in 2003. But as Chris explained to Details magazine, the relationship ended in March for one simple reason.

“We grew up,” Chris explained. “The fantasy was over, and reality set in. We weren’t lighting each other’s fire anymore.”

And, according to Brian Farnham, Details’ deputy editor, the two haven’t spoken since.

“They have no contact,” Brian said. “There was a rumor going around that she had been calling him but that turned out not to be true. They really broke it off completely.”

Chris (whose film credits include the “American Pie” movies, as well as “We Were Soldiers” and “Rollerball”) said he is living well and not looking back, telling Details: “I’m not lonely. I’ll tell you that, I’m certainly not crying myself to sleep at night, sucking my thumb. No, Dude, I’m out and about.”

As for Tom’s couch-hopping antics, Chris was realistic.

“...that’s Tom. He can do whatever the f*** he wants. Who gives a s***? I mean, we’ve all felt the need to jump up and down on a couch. Or not!”

Tom and Katie announced their engagement back in June. The couple made the announcement that Katie is pregnant last month.