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Chris Harrison recalls the awkward 'Bachelor' moment his kids saw

/ Source: TODAY

Talk about an awkward family moment.

"Bachelor" host Chris Harrison recalled one particularly uncomfortable day when his kids came to visit him on the set of "Bachelor Pad," a spinoff of the reality TV show that ran from 2010 to 2012. They'd stopped by the house with his now ex-wife and had plans to all go to lunch. But when they got there, they found Dad directing a "challenge" with the contestants — and saw a lot more than Harrison had expected.

"My kids were too young to witness this," Harrison told AOL. "We did this one thing where we kind of set up — they weren't sex swings, but it was kind of like this weird swing where the guy was strapped in and he had to pick up the girl however he could, and it was, how long could you hold onto the girl."

"All of a sudden (the female contestants are) in this weird sexual position in their bikinis and there's butts hanging everywhere and stuff flying out, and I turn around and I see my kids standing there, looking at Dad at work," he continued. "And I'm just like, that's going to be a lot of therapy."

Harrison has a son and daughter with ex-wife Gwen Harrison. They divorced in 2012. He told AOL he wasn't sure how to react when he realized what his kids were seeing.

"I'm like, do I even have that conversation of what Daddy's doing at work?" he said. "Or do you just let it go and hope it will come out later?"

Harrison had stopped by the AOL Build studio to talk about his other job hosting "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and the recent announcement that Arie Luyendyk will be the next "Bachelor," a decision producers had apparently been considering for years.

"Arie was always right there and then someone else just kind of came in ... I'm just glad we finally have a bachelor with more gray hair than me," Harrison joked.