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Chris Christie explains that awkward Super Tuesday face on 'Tonight'

Jimmy Fallon brought out props to show the New Jersey governor the error of his ways.
/ Source: TODAY

You know what they say: A good politician can talk his way out of anything.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had some serious explaining to do on Friday's "Tonight Show" about a certain face made on a certain Tuesday while standing behind a certain presidential candidate.

Chris Christie standing behind Chris Christie is an image we won't soon forget.Youtube

"Were you being held hostage at the time?" Jimmy Fallon asked, referencing the infamous look of horror Christie wore as Donald Trump claimed his Super Tuesday victories in March. Christie had suspended his own presidential campaign and endorsed Trump prior to standing by the GOP front-runner's side during that press conference.

Christie was unfazed, telling Fallon, "This is what you would look like if you were standing behind Jay Leno doing his monologue. If you’re used to talking, it’s awkward not to talk.”

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Fallon wasn't convinced — and brought out a life-size cutout of Christie to sit behind the governor while they chatted.

“I like that," said Christie. "He looks serious, he’s listening.”

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He did admit, though, that the face made him unfit for the job of vice president, since standing behind other people giving speeches is "basically what you do."

After a brief discussion of Trump's candidacy, Christie revealed that his true post-governor aspiration is to play tambourine for The Roots.

You go, Chris Christie — but they might want you to work on your facial expressions!