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Chris Brown a hero to 3-year-old cancer patient

The hip-hop star went to see one of his biggest fans in the hospital
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Hip-hop star Chris Brown — who burned up the charts with his first single — is making one little girl's dream come true.

“Hey, how ya' doing baby, not feeling good,” Chris asked one of his biggest fans and one pretty sick little girl.

Three-year-old “21” Naziyaha of Coney Island, New York thinks Chris is the bomb.

“How does she know about me,” Chris wondered. “I was, like, I know certain kids listen to me but a 3-year-old, that's wild!”

“21” is suffering from acute myelocytic leukemia and the “Make-A-Wish Foudation” helped her meet her idol, Chris.

But on the day they were to meet, she was not feeling herself, feeling the effects of a treatment she had the day before.

“She might be in pain now, but I know she is so happy, and I know to see her siblings here to provide for them as well,” mom Tameko Gray said.

And “21's” brother, who is only 10, is providing for her as well.

He is his baby sister's bone marrow donor, who will help with her second transplant, hopefully by the end of the year.

And Chris didn't disappoint.

All six members of the Gray clan were on hand, and Chris stocked them up with signed pictures and CD's and taking lots of memorable photos.

“I'm so happy,” “21” said.

This was the first wish Chris has granted a wish. His single, “Run It,” became the first male solo artist to release a single that went straight to the top of the Billboard singles chart.