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Chris Brown Better Than Everyone Probation

Chris Brown continues to do a great job paying the piper.
/ Source: E!online

Chris Brown continues to do a great job paying the piper.

A judge on Thursday named the embattled R&B star the best of the best when it comes to fulfilling the terms of his probation stemming from his assault on Rihanna last year.

Just how good has Brown been?

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"Out of thousands of probationers, no one has done a better or more consistent job than you have, and I really want to commend you for taking responsibility and for actually working diligently to complete all the things the court has required of you," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg praised him.

"I know that you will finish your domestic violence counseling program in just seven more sessions, which is excellent," Schnegg continued, "and that you had a considerable number of community service hours to complete.

"And I have verified that you have now completed 581 hours, so that is also commendable, very commendable."

Well, hot dog!

And Schnegg has seen the alternative: She was the judge who signed off on Lindsay Lohan's bail after a fellow jurist opted to shuttle the actress off to jail for 30 days to await a probation-violation hearing. All of the time Lohan has spent behind bars this year was for various slip-ups regarding her probation for dual DUIs in 2007.

Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault was sentenced last August to five years' probation, plus 180 days of community labor and a year-long domestic violence program, which he kicked off in his home state of Virginia.

Most recently, the 21-year-old showed up in the video for T.I.'s "Get Back Up," aka T.I.'s plan when he gets out of prison.

--Additional reporting by Soo Youn

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