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Chewbacca Mom is back behind the wheel ... driving James Corden to work

Put Chewbacca Mom in a car with J.J. Abrams (and Corden, of course) and you might just have the recipe for comedic genius.
/ Source: TODAY

Leave it to James Corden to remind us that, yes, it can get even better than that Chewbacca Mom video floating around our Facebook feeds.

How, you ask incredulously? Well, put Chewbacca Mom (aka Candace Payne) in a car with J.J. Abrams (and Corden, of course) and you might just have the recipe for comedic genius.

After Payne's laugh attack behind the wheel garnered her upward of 140 million views on Facebook Live, Corden's people wisely decided to invite her onto Monday's episode of "The Late Late Show." In the brief sketch, it appears that Corden and Payne are situated in a very familiar place: the front seat(s) of a car!

But this time, there's no karaoke for Corden and no alone time for Payne. Instead, it appears that Corden has asked Payne to drive him to work. Hilarity ensues when we, the audience, realize that as much as we love and appreciate Payne and her laugh, well ... we wouldn't want her driving us anywhere when the mask is on.

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Doesn't even matter if J.J. Abrams shows up in the backseat. (Yes, that happens.)

Oh, and then they all don Chewbacca masks and out-laugh one another. Because, it would seem, there's only one thing to do when the mask is over your face, and that is ... COMPLETELY LOSE YOUR MIND.

Then, of course, there's a real interview where Payne gets to show us that she's an awesome person even beyond the laughter and the "Star Wars" stuff.

She first explains how she's able to cope with the fame. By singing, of course!

"You know, I'm quite unathletic. So I feel like if I broke a record, I need a medal or something," she explains to Corden. "Or at least I need to, like, sing 'We Are the Champions' everywhere that I go."

But while it may be easy for her to speak calmly about the matter now, days after the initial posting, "coping" wasn't the first thing on her mind when the video first began to go viral. "Freaking out"? Yeah, that was more like it.

"On Thursday, when I posted it, at 1,000 views, I texted a friend of mine and said, '1,000 flippin' views!' You know? I was so excited ... And then, before I went to bed that night, it was 1 million. And so I had a status update that said, '1 million!!!!' You know?" she explained with wonderfully excessive gestures (remember, this is still the Chewbacca Mom we all know and love).

"I was, like, freaking out. And then I went to bed and I woke up and it was, like, 20-something million, and I, like, had to breathe."

We hope she was ready to do some serious breathing, because Corden then shared a message from Peter Mayhew, aka the original Chewbacca actor. Not only did he ask Payne to join him for a private meet-and-greet, he also wrote: “Your attitude and lovely message really resonates with spreading the good word of "Star Wars" with a heart. It’s so much of why we do what we do.”

Then: Masks on, cue laughter!

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