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Chevy Chase to go Gibson on ‘Law & Order’

Art will imitate celebrity life on NBC's "Law & Order."

In an episode that begins filming this week, Chevy Chase guest stars as a TV celebrity who spews religious epithets after being pulled over by police for drunken driving, the network said Tuesday.

The episode, titled "In Vino Veritas," is scheduled to air Nov. 3.

Although there are similarities between the episode and Mel Gibson's recent legal troubles, a spokesman for NBC noted that the long-running "Law & Order" drama series "is completely fiction."

Chase, 62, was a member of the original cast of NBC's "Saturday Night Live." His screen credits include roles in "Caddyshack" and "Fletch."

Gibson pleaded no contest Aug. 17 to a charge of drunken driving in Malibu. He volunteered to do public-service announcements on the hazards of drinking and driving, and to immediately enter rehabilitation.

During the arrest early in the morning of July 28, the 50-year-old actor-director made anti-Semitic remarks to the arresting deputy. He later apologized.

Gibson's latest film, "Apocalypto," is slated for release in December.