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Cher talks nerves, loves and her 'horrendous' self

After five decades on stage and with one farewell tour long behind her, Cher will soon embark on what she's called her "last" farewell tour. But will the Never Can Say Goodbye shows really be her goodbye?

"Probably not," the 67-year-old icon admitted during an interview with Savannah Guthrie which aired Monday on TODAY.

Cher plans to hit the TODAY concert stage in September to show fans what they can expect to see this time during the "probably not" farewell tour, but they already had a sneak peek of what's to come last month during "The Voice" finale.

"It was frightening," the veteran performer said of the reality show set. "I tried to explain this to my mother. She said, 'Sweetheart, what's the matter? ... You're so good, and this is so easy. You've done this all your life.' And I said, 'Mom, this is how it goes. In three minutes, I'm either the greatest reincarnation of myself, or I'm get-yourself-to-a-home-you're-too-old.'"

As it turned out, viewers -- and one happy "Voice" coach -- were thrilled with those three minutes. In fact, the only part of her "Voice" appearance that received a mixed review was her towering, tri-colored wig.

"My friend said it was my 4-H chicken," Cher laughed. "It was beautiful. I'm not gonna make any apologies for it. You know, art is supposed to provoke conversation, and it did what it was supposed to do."

Cher, who's well known for her conversation-provoking looks, already has fans talking again -- and it has nothing to do with her fashion choices. Instead, it's her recent reveal that she counts actor Tom Cruise among her top five lovers that has tongues wagging this time.

"I only care what I know," she said of her confession. "You know, I only care what I've experienced. And that was my experience."

But don't expect any other tidbits about her "experience."

"The moment someone finds out about what's going on in my love life, it's a nightmare. ... I have no peace, I have no privacy. It's really difficult to keep an affair going. So I try to keep it down low as long as I can."

That's because being in the constant spotlight -- being Cher -- isn't easy. But what's even tougher for her is not being Cher.

"Cher -- it's very difficult to get away from her," she insisted with a smile. "She's just such a horrendous bitch that follows me everywhere."