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Cher gives props to the 'pimp' of the ballroom on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Cher had high praise for one "fabulous" man on "Dancing With the Stars."

It takes a lot to impress a living legend like Cher, but Jack Osbourne did just that on "Dancing With the Stars."

Like all the hoofer hopefuls on Monday night's show, Jack moved to the music of the celebrated guest judge. But unlike some of his competition (ahem, Bill Engvall), Jack moved really well.

His sharp, smooth and downright sexy tango hit every beat of "The Beat Goes On."

"I thought it was great!" Cher raved from the spot on the panel usually reserved for head judge Len Goodman. "You looked like a pimp. … You're like a tango-dancing pimp. It's fabulous!"

And Cher, who judged all the acts between delivering two performances and three costume changes, knows a thing or two about fabulous.

If being dubbed the fabulous pimp of the ballroom wasn't enough for Jack, Carrie Ann Inaba kept the high praise up.

"The top of your body looks like a statue," she said, adding, "You're just like a god out there."

What about fellow judge Bruno Tonioli? Well, he said a lot of things Monday night, but Cher made it clear earlier in the evening that she'd "knee him" if he went overboard.

As for Jack, well, he was "like a god" who fell just short perfection. Despite the raves, he scored a matching set of 9s rather than 10s, and even after acing a dance-off later in the evening, he was in still jeopardy. (But at least he seemed stoked by Cher's glowing remarks.)



Jack and Brant Daugherty were the two performers left standing under the spotlight of doom at the end of the show, but at the last moment, the pimp got lucky again. 

Bye-bye, Brant!