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Chelsea's dog is killed on 'Teen Mom 2'

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Chelsea breaks down after her dog Frankie is killed.

MTV's reality docu-series have captured many unsettling events over the years, but few seem quite as terrible as the killing of Chelsea Houska's puppy, Frankie, on "Teen Mom 2." 

As with all such senseless tragedies, the scene began innocently enough. Chelsea, frazzled because she was late for yet another GED practice test, let both her dogs outside -- unleashed -- for a potty break. Giggling with her daughter, Aubree, Chelsea was able to capture Darla, but Frankie ran off ... to become a chew toy for the neighbor's Husky.

"Every time I go to my test something happens," Chelsea cried to her father later. There's some truth in that: Considering how many times Chelsea has discussed/planned/canceled/actually taken GED practice tests, the odds in favor of "things" happening are astronomically high.

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This time, sadly, that thing was the murder of an adorable French bulldog.

So who's to blame? Chelsea's mom for being late? Dog-on-dog hate crime? Chelsea's neighbor said, "If your dog was on a leash, it would still be alive," but surely the GED is equally culpable?

Chelsea exacted her revenge, finally passing the math portion of the exam with flying colors. Or the bare minimum, whatever. At least she passed and can go directly to beauty school. What's that? The practice test doesn't count?

Did Frankie die for nothing? 

Jenelle has hit another roadblock in her own continuing education. After breaking up with that creepy Josh kid, she decides to rent a house with her friend Amber. Jenelle has "so much to deal with in [her] personal life" (specifically, "packing" and "unpacking") that she decides to drop out of another semester of school -- forfeiting her tuition.

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On the bright side: Jenelle still has her car, which obviously won a local Pimp My Ride contest sponsored by Ed Hardy. 

Leah is moving too, renting a spacious four-bedroom house. She's also moving on: Instead of reuniting with her confused/besotted ex-husband, Corey, she's chosen to stay with his doppelganger, Jeremy, instead. (Admit it: Jeremy is the spitting image -- without the spitting -- of Corey.)

Unlike "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham's doomed Austin trip, Kailyn's visit to the Texas capital goes so well she considers moving there.

So what will her baby daddy Jo do if she takes their son so far away?

"Have a rap career," Kailyn quips acidly.

The truth is, the wannabe rapper remains the calm within the Kailyn storm. Coolly stressing how important it is for Isaac to see his father regularly, Jo also refuses to block Kailyn's estranged mother, Suzi, from seeing her grandson.

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Turns out she did just that, dropping by Jo's when Kailyn was in Texas. (If the MTV cameras weren't rolling, did it really happen?)

Infuriated, Kail called Suzi using her friend's phone -- because mommy dearest had blocked her own daughter's number. Suzi still hung up on her, twice, and their altercation finally persuaded Jo that it would best for Isaac to clear future visits with Kailyn first.

Or at least call MTV.

RIP, Frankie. 

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