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Chelsea Handler on if she’s ‘the marrying kind’ after falling in love with Jo Koy

The comedian also told Hoda and Jenna she credits therapy and doing "inner work" for forming a romance with her longtime friend.
/ Source: TODAY

Chelsea Handler believes that making some changes in her life resulted in her being open to a relationship with longtime friend and fellow comic Jo Koy.

The comedian spoke on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Tuesday about how she and Koy went from good friends for years to falling in love in the past few months.

"I think it was therapy," she said. "I went to therapy, and I was able to see things with a different lens, and then I had this great guy in my life who just kind of wore me down, and then I capitulated.

"And I was like, 'You know what, you’re my boyfriend, I love you.' So it’s kind of the best kind of thing. He’s my best bud."

Handler, 46, has often spoke about her ups and downs in trying to find true love, but appears to have found true happiness with Koy.

"I have to be honest with you, I think you have to be healthy," she said. "I had to get myself healthy on the inside, and then you attract a healthy. I was attracting ‘unhealthies’ because I wasn’t ready.

"And so I just kind of had to do that inner work, which sounds corny, but it’s really necessary for everybody. And then he was around all the time, and I would’ve had to be blind not to see him."

Koy, 50, had known Handler for years as a fellow touring comic.

"He was just so cute," Handler said. "All the things he did I was like, ‘This guy really cares about me.’ When someone cares about you so much, you’re like, 'I like this a lot.'"

Of course, it wouldn't be a love story about two comics without some brutal honesty and jokes.

"His narrative is that we had a mutual crush on each other for a very long period of time," she said. "I don’t remember that. I remember feeling he had a crush on me, but now I do have a crush on him and the feelings have been reciprocated."

The two are both currently touring, and occasionally they will join each other on stage if their schedules intersect. Handler did a surprise set at Koy's show in Washington, D.C., on Monday night.

"He’s probably funnier," Handler said. "He’s side-splitting. He’s funny, funny, funny. When you go to his show, you cannot stop laughing. There’s accidents that happen in his audience. I’ll give him credit for that out of respect for my man."

Whether the relationship ever leads to the two of them tying the knot remains to be seen. Handler has never been married, while Koy has a teen son with ex-wife Angie King.

"I don’t know that I’m the marrying kind," Handler said. "I feel like, who knows, I doubt it, but usually when I say I’m not going to do something, I end up doing it like the next weekend, so I’m not going to say that any more."