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Chelsea Handler chats with Willie Geist about new Netflix show, being fearless and Instagram

Chelsea Handler has a lot of questions... but also quite a few answers.
/ Source: TODAY

Chelsea Handler has a lot of questions in her new Netflix talk show, "Chelsea." But during her interview with Willie Geist for Sunday TODAY, it's clear the comedian also has quite a few answers.

"The college education that I forgot to get, paid for by Netflix," is how Chelsea Handler described her new streaming talk show to Geist.

"I want a lot of questions answered," she continued. "All the things that people pretend to know the answers to, like how a bill is passed, or the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate, or where we are in the galaxy. I wanted to get information with a sense of humor."

Here are five lessons we learned in her visit with Geist.

1. The key to avoiding a scandal is to leak it yourself. "I feel if you put everything out there, nothing can come back to haunt you," Handler said. "I always think it’s better to let it all hang out. It’s like the same reason on Instagram, I try not to use filters on my face, or post pictures that aren’t as beautiful as everyone trying to make themselves look beautiful all the time. Or why on Snapchat I’m half naked, rapping like an idiot. Because that’s a part of how I am."

2. Money won't buy happiness. "You can’t make decisions over money," Handler said of her financially risky move to host an original series on Netflix rather than take over one of the preexisting network comedy shows. "I didn’t think that gave me license for real creative freedom... There are no commercial advertisers [on Netflix], so all the prohibitive aspects of being on network television don’t apply. I didn’t want that kind of parenting."

3. Except when it does. "It depends how much money you need to feel good about yourself," Handler clarified. "I’m doing okay."

4. No making fun of ugly babies. Do we really need to explain this one? "They do exist, but I don’t think it’s my job to point them out," Handler said. She's classy like that.

5. Be fearless. "I don’t care about glossing over stuff, or being on the periphery of something," Handler explained of her unique appeal in the talk show space. "I think you’ve got to get in there, and dig deep, and have uncomfortable conversations. People don’t like conflict, and I love it. Let’s go for it."