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Chelsea Handler: Celebrities are scared to come on 'Chelsea Lately'

Chelsea Handler is, well, a handful -- the kind of unfiltered late-night talk show host who actually frightens potential guests from appearing on "Chelsea Lately," as she told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie Friday.

"I hear that all the time," she said. "People are very nervous to come on. I'll get calls from managers or publicists.... But I always take care of my guests.... People always come off looking like they can take a joke and have a good sense of humor about themselves."

However she does it, Handler is one-of-a-kind in late night, as the only talk show host in that time period who happens to be a woman. Why? "Because I'm very masculine, maybe?" she joked.

But what all of this -- the attitude, being the sole woman in late night -- has earned her is this: A brand-new studio, which has one major amenity that's got Handler thrilled.

"(Comcast) spent a fortune for me to be able to have my own shower in my own office," she said. "Instead of showering by the shower that we had in our old space, which was downstairs and I'd walk out in my bathrobe in front of the studio audience that was waiting to come into my show. I'm not joking."

Be sure to check out "Chelsea Lately" weeknights at 11 p.m. on E!

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