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'Cheer' star La'Darius Marshall is 'safe' after alarming post

The Netflix star frightened fans when he posted a despondent message saying he'd "lost his fight."
/ Source: TODAY

A close friend of "Cheer" star La'Darius Marshall wants fans to know that he is "safe."

The cheerleader and Netflix star, 21, frightened his Instagram followers Thursday when he posted a despondent message saying he'd "lost his fight."

A short time later, Debbie Bonner, a former roommate of Marshall's who appeared in the popular Netflix docuseries, posted a photo on Marshall's Instagram page of her and the cheerleader cuddled up with a young child.

"Ladarius Marshall is safe are home here in Texas with me @dlbonn," Bonner wrote in the caption. "Thank you all for carrying for our Boy, he will receive the help he needs I’ll make sure of it. We will take good care of him."

Marshall's anguished post, which has since been deleted, prompted concern from cast mates and fans.

"Ladarius Marshall is floating away, going away, fading away. I have hurt people, I have loved people, and I have given all I am to few people. Some people are strong enough to make it in the end but my fight stops here," he wrote, according to E! News.

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La'Darius Marshall, far right, with Navarro Bulldog teammates Jerry Harris and Gabi Butler.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"I have loved so much that when something falls away it takes a piece of me with it. What's left of me is nothing, I'm empty. I hope that when you think of me that you think of positive things that I have brought into your life."

The cheerleader went on to say that he no longer wanted to to pretend to be someone he's not on social media. "I am not what my media shows. I'm a broken kid who has lost his fight, his battle, and his war. Carry on with life, but keep me in your memories," he continued.

He concluded the post on an ominous note.

"I love each and every single one of you guys. I hope that God shows you the way. Hurt people hurt people, and I'm tired of hurting people. It's ok I'll be smiling wherever I'm going. I have Given up this time," he wrote.

Marshall quickly became a fan favorite on "Cheer," which focused on the Navarro College cheer team's quest to defend their title at the junior college national championship in Daytona, Florida. During the series, the young star opened up about experiencing childhood traumas, including sexual abuse.

Marshall's teammates Gabi Butler and Jerry Harris shared their support for him in the comments of his emotional post.

"I just want to tell you how much of an impact YOU have made on my life. You made me strong when I was weak," Butler wrote. "You lifted me when I was down. You have made me a better me. I need you to know that you are my EVERYTHING. "

"I love you with all my heart, body and soul and I would literally take a bullet for you. Please, please, please just know that you are very loved and cared about," she added.

Harris told Marshall he would do "anything" to help him get through "whatever is going on."

"You mean so much to me and others and have made a huge impact on so many people! I want you to know you have so many people that love you so much for YOU! You have made a huge impact on America and they love you so much just like everyone who's close to you!" he wrote.

Butler followed up by re-posting Bonner's recent photo of Marshall in her own Instagram Story, writing, "Just to share with you guys, Ladarius is safe and OK."

A representative for Netflix declined to comment.