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Charlize Theron’s weekend wedding?

Tabloids fooled into believing that the actress wed boyfriend Townsend
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Cell phones and Blackberries overloaded Sunday all over Hollywood as reports came in that Oscar winner Charlize Theron was getting married in Malibu.

And before you could whistle “Here Comes The Bride” – the 'copters were in the air.

It looks like a wedding. It is a wedding! But it's not Charlize’s and beau Stuart Townsend’s wedding.

“I understand that people might have thought that we were trying to be sneaky,” Charlize explained to Access when we caught up with her at the premiere of her new film, “North Country.”

It was far from sneaky. But a tabloid was fooled, blasting the headline: “Charlize & Irish Lover Wed In Secret Ceremony.”

L.A. news crews were fooled as well, dispatching choppers to shoot what they thought was Charlize’s wedding.

What they got instead was Charlize’s mom, Gerda, tying the knot.

And her daughter gave the couple away!

The paparrazi ground troops got wind of the wedding and turned out in force.

“...the thing that was creepy that people kind of realized that it wasn't, they didn't leave,” Charlize told us. “That was kind of rude and wrong, but it still was a very magical day, magical day.”

With Charlize's new film, “North Country” due in theatres Oct. 21, it was a magical night when Charlize, decked out in a strapless Stella McCartney dress — and Cartier jewelry — arrived arm-in-arm with Stuart for the Hollywood premiere of her film.

But back to the marriage thing for a moment.

The paparazzi obviously missed the fact that just last month in Toronto, Charlize told us: Kids? Yes! Marriage? No!

“I’m happy for people who want to get married,” Charlize told us. “It's not my thing, and I'm extremely happy in my relationship, and yah, I would love to have kids.”