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Charlie Sheen's Men Mom Sends "Love and Encouragement" as CBS Shuffles Schedule

A mother's love is important. Even if it's just your TV mother's love.
/ Source: E!online

A mother's love is important. Even if it's just your TV mother's love.

Holland Taylor, who plays Charlie Sheen's mom-about-town on Two and a Half Men, doesn't appear to begrudge the actor for sending the show into a forced hiatus, instead reaching out with a message of love and encouragement for the rehabbing star.

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"Charlie is a brilliant, talented and lovable man, as was my father, who also was an alcoholic," said the seven-time Emmy nominee (four of them for Men). "So I have the greatest respect for the terrific struggle any addiction is, and my heart goes out to Charlie and his family. I know that people can try rehab more than once...and that does not represent a failure. The courage to try again is what means something. There is sometimes no telling what might be the very thing to usher a person towards acceptance and recovery. I am very hopeful for Charlie, and send him my love and encouragement, as I always would."

Meanwhile, Taylor apparently now may have some unexpected vacation time (though Jon Cryer just checks the gossip sites every morning to find out if there's work or not) and so here's hoping everyone is back on set before Angus T. Jones is three-quarters of, let alone a whole, man.

According to a source, CBS has ordered two additional episodes of sitcom Rules of Engagement, as well as two extra episodes of Mike &Molly, in order to keep the Monday-night comedy block fresh without resorting to Men reruns.

CBS had two completed episodes of Two and a Half Men in the can before production was shut down.

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