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Charlie Sheen's Losing Streak Continues: Network Torpedoes Rumors of TV Comeback

Don't look for Charlie Sheen's return to the tube anytime soon.
/ Source: E!online

Don't look for Charlie Sheen's return to the tube anytime soon.

Despite reports yesterday that the warlock had signed a deal for a new sitcom, one network has come forward to deny they are about to put the former Two and a Half Men star back to work, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Making things even worse for the porn-loving actor? He's lost his last remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly, who reportedly moved out.

So let's clear up some rumors...

MORE: Sheen goes crazy on his costar reported yesterday that Sheen had signed a deal with Lionsgate Television for his own sitcom, sparking a bidding war for the show among a number of networks; TBS was named as the frontrunner.

TBS denied furiously bidding for the show, and issued a statement saying that they were not bringing the embattled back to TV.

"TBS is not in discussions for a possible project with Charlie Sheen," a rep for the network said.

As for his old job on Two and a Half Men, it seems Sheen's nemesis Chuck Lorre has found a way to get revenge on his out-of-control star. Before Ashton Kutcher steps in to take over on the show, Sheen's character Charlie Harper will reportedly be killed off by driving his car off a cliff. (Lorre, winning?)

Sheen's personal life seems to be falling apart too--according to multiple reports, his last goddess Kenly apparently had some kind of falling out with the actor, and drove off from Sober Valley Lodge in the Mercedes he bought for her.

Although Sheen reportedly demanded that the sweet car be returned to him ASAP, it is not known whether Kenly complied.

Sheen allegedly brushed off the breakup, claiming that gals dumping him rather than the other way around is not a common occurrence in his life.

Nor does the star seem particularly fazed: He quickly rounded up three new girlfriends (who have not yet reached goddess status) the very night Kenly bailed.

Sheen's other blond babe, Bree Olson, 24, ditched the unemployed actor in April during his Torpedo of Truth tour and was then sentenced to one year of probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge stemming from her arrest earlier this year.

Sheen had claimed Olson was still in touch after losing her goddess status.

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