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Is Charlie Sheen's Hotel Gal Getting Cold Feet?

Whatever happened to the lawsuit that was supposed to be filed against Charlie Sheen yesterday?
/ Source: E!online

Whatever happened to the lawsuit that was supposed to be filed against Charlie Sheen yesterday?

Capri Anderson, the porn actress who claims Sheen went postal on her at the Plaza, revealed on Good Morning America that she would be suing the star in L.A. Superior Court. Instead, Sheen sued her, claiming extortion.

So, did Anderson get a look at the big guns and decide to run for cover?

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Not at all, says her lawyer. Rather, Anderson is going to let the law sort this one out for now.

"Ms. Walsh has thus, and for the time being, opted to consult the New York City authorities regarding the events of October 26, 2010," attorney Keith Davidson told RadarOnline, referring to Anderson by her real name, Christina Walsh.

"Ms. Walsh's refrain from the issuance of any civil lawsuit is separate and apart from any consideration of Mr. Sheen's ludicrous lawsuit against her."

Davidson said that his client is experiencing a series of emotions that are common among victims of violence.

"Through the process of Ms. Walsh appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, and finally issuing her public statement regarding the events of her night with Mr. Sheen, Ms. Walsh has experienced the natural emotions of many domestic violence victims...that of fear, anxiety and ultimately, a certain level of empowerment," the lawyer said.

Anderson filed a criminal complaint against Sheen with the NYPD on Monday, following her GMA interview.

Sheen filed suit yesterday, alleging that she demanded $1 million in exchange for her keeping quiet about what went on the night he was hospitalized. He wants at least $165,000 in damages, or the price of the Patek Philippe watch he maintains went missing that night.

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