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Charlie Sheen's Former Fiance Kelly Preston: "He's Such a Good Person"

One Scientologist still thinks Charlie Sheen can be saved.
/ Source: E!online

One Scientologist still thinks Charlie Sheen can be saved.

Kelly Preston, who was engaged to the troubled actor more than 20 years ago, says that Sheen is a "beautiful person" at his core.

"My heart just goes out to him, and all of his family," she told People at an L.A. party last night. "He's such a good person underneath all of it, he really is."

Now, remember, this is the guy who (accidentally) shot her, after all. So was the warlock sober back then?

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Preston insists he was, and she still has hope for his return from the brink.

"We were together for a year, and he wasn't drinking, and he wasn't doing drugs," John Travolta's current wife told the magazine at the opening of fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley's Organic Liason store.

But just because she says he was sober doesn't mean things weren't super bizarre while she dated him. He accidentally shot Kelly in the arm before they called off their engagement and he checked into rehab.

Despite his downward spiral, Kelly believes he's got a chance at a comeback.

"I think there's a way back for anyone," she said, "I always have hope, and my prayers are with him."


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