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Charlie Sheen Wants Back on TV, but Does TV Want Him?

Can you handle any more Charlie Sheen in your life?
/ Source: E!online

Can you handle any more Charlie Sheen in your life?

Things have been fairly quiet on the warlock front recently, but we're still surprised that between his machete-wielding, custody disputes, way-public divorce, goddess wrangling, recently wrapped tour, and all that #winning, Charlie even has time to consider working.

But TMZ says that the mucho trouble former Two and a Half Men star is apparently in "deep negotiations" for a network series written specifically for him. So will Charlie be back in prime time faster than you can say "tiger blood"?

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Don't count on it.

A rep for Sheen has refused comment on the sitcom sitch, but sources deep in Camp Charlie spill, "I have no knowledge of any advanced negotiations. There's no deal even close to being seriously considered."

Not surprising--three of the big networks (ABC, NBC, and, duh, CBS) have made it clear that they want nothing to do with Charlie's Torpedo of Truth. Which leaves Fox, with which Sheen met during the peak of his media mania.

But could Fox be crazy enough to put Charlie back on the boob tube?

Sure, he's a Golden Globe winner and multiple Emmy nominee, but for all his award fodder, TV crews have had to put up with shut down productions, borderline anti-Semitism, lawsuits, rehab stints, and the like before eventually firing him.

And then there's always the risk of him turning on you and calling you a troll, turncoat, Nazi or, ya know, a " retarded zombie."

Gee, we can't imagine why TV execs aren't knocking each other down racing to work with Charlie. And so Charlie's next big TV break seems to be completely fabricated in his cuckoo crazy noggin'--where it belongs.

"Charlie would still like to return to TV," our source says.

Well, duh! You can't win an Emmy for best hashtag.

And since Charlie blew his chance this year, we're not surprised he's itching to get another shot at nabbing the elusive award for choice TV funnyman.

Must say, we were plenty entertained by the train wreck that was Charlie Sheen, but we're kind of over the whole thing.

But what about you--do you want him back on your TV? And do you want it sitcom style or full blown reality madness?

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