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Charlie Sheen Police-Escort Drama Deemed No Big Deal in D.C.

The police in Washington, D.C., should be glad Charlie Sheen is only killed off once in a while on the Internet.
/ Source: E!online

The police in Washington, D.C., should be glad Charlie Sheen is only killed off once in a while on the Internet.

Because if anything had happened to him on their watch, i.e. when a patrol car was giving the actor a speedy escort to his comedy show, there could have been hell to pay.

Other than big deal!

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The District of Columbia Office of the Inspector General issued an 82-page report this week finding that the D.C. Police Department did not violate policy by escorting Sheen from Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia to DAR Constitution Hall on April 19, somewhat contradicting the concerns voiced by Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who launched an investigation into the officers' actions.

The "approval and performance of the Sheen escort was not extraordinary," the inspector general's report states. However, it adds, the impromptu escort--provided by two off-duty officers after Sheen's rep contacted police--was arranged rather casually, and if something had gone wrong, the department could have been held liable.

Sheen's people also reimbursed the department $445, representing eight hours of overtime for the two cops.

Of course, leave it to Sheen to make the short ride seem like a really big deal.

"In car with Police escort in front and rear! Driving like someone's about to deliver a baby! Cop car lights #Spinning!" he tweeted.

But since the ordeal did cause confusion within the department, 11 guideline recommendations were included in the report for future reference when arranging escorts.

Lanier insists that protocol has always dictated that officers get an assistant chief's approval beforehand.

"Just because these folks got caught and claimed they didn't know about the general order does not excuse the fact that they violated the policy," she stated today. "Using police cars to escort celebrities, even if we are compensated, is inappropriate and brings unnecessary liability to the city."

Let that be a reminder to anyone who wants to book Charlie Sheen.

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