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Charlie Sheen Insider: "It Feels Like a Big Act"

Charlie Sheen is putting on quite the show. Literally.
/ Source: E!online

Charlie Sheen is putting on quite the show. Literally.

Yes, his " Violent Torpedo of Truth " tour will be coming to a town near you, and this has Sheen acquaintances more convinced than ever of one thing:

Charlie Sheen is laughing at us, laughing at him.

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"It feels like a big act," dishes a Charlie insider who has known him for many, many years.

"Sure it's some sort of psychotic break, but it's also just plain narcissism bubbling up to the top. I have never seen him like this."

However, our source is quick to add that substance abuse likely helped get him there.

"It's also probably the culmination of so much cocaine usage, and then stopping," explains the friend, witnessing the crazy in Sheen's Korner. "That causes severe structural changes in the brain. He and Brooke were [drug] users. And I don't feel bad saying that because he obviously has admitted it."

Obviously, Charlie has been acting certifiable, but as we've been saying for quite some time we think a lot of this is exaggeration.

Everyone forgets that first and foremost Charlie Sheen is a very talented actor.

He knows how to go over the top when need be to get attention (or in this case, attention and money ) when need be.

Regardless, this has longtime friends worried.

"Either way, he is not in his right mind."

That, we can all agree on.

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