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Charlie Sheen: Dad Martin to play my father on 'Anger Management'

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Charlie Sheen is hoping to add a little family flavor to his new show for FX, “Anger Management,” by casting his dad, Martin Sheen.

“Yeah, yeah it’s very true,” Charlie told Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin, confirming his plans to bring his real father in to play his TV father on the show.

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“As the show’s developed, we’re discovering who my family is as I discuss them,” Charlie said of his TV character – Charlie, a therapist. “We’re going to find out this guy does have major issues with his pop and when that character does finally show up, it will be my dad.”

Charlie added of his relationship with Martin, “We’re pretty cool.”

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The actor also fleshed out details about his own new character.

“Charlie Goodson — he is an ex-ballplayer who had his own anger [issues during] his career and so he went back to school to become a therapist,” Charlie explained. “But he’s a guy that’s [has a] bit of a percolation underneath the surface.

“It’s such a multi-dimensional character to play,” he added.

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And taking a turn in the interview, Charlie also offered a message to his fans.

“Just to the fans, I want to thank them for being patient and waiting a whole year,” he said. “But they won’t be disappointed. We will not let them down.”

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“Anger Management” premieres June 28 on FX. 

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