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Chandra Wilson surprised by Heigl controversy

She notes that every actor decides whether or not to submit themselves for Emmy consideration, and that the writing is almost always the reason.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Emmy-nominated actress Chandra Wilson has weighed in on the Katherine Heigl “Grey’s Anatomy” controversy.

In a new interview with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush, Wilson admitted she was surprised by the attention her “Grey’s” co-star received after she withdrew her name from Emmy contention earlier this summer.

As previously reported on, Heigl pulled her name from a possible nomination, blaming the show’s scripts. According to Wilson, who plays tough Dr. Miranda Bailey, all the stars go through a similar process of weighing their emotive moments from the show before submitting their names for potential nomination.

“Each year as an actor we have to figure out, ‘OK, do I submit this year? If I do submit, which show do I submit?’ It needs to be an emotional show for you otherwise, there’s no point in being in the drama category,” Wilson said. “It was always kind of strange to me that (Heigl’s withdrawal) became a story, because you ask any actor that hasn’t put their name in the hat each year, and that’s the reason.”

Wilson is nominated for best actress in a drama, the same category Heigl won last year. Wilson complimented the material on “Grey’s” for helping her nab the nod.

“I keep getting amazing things to bring to life,” she said. “There’s always something to discover with Dr. Bailey, something that brings her home to the audience, something that makes people say, ‘I know that woman. I work with that woman.’ It’s incredibly flattering and I’m still finding new things with her all the time.”