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Watch Ryan Reynolds get sassy with Celine Dion in 'Deadpool 2' music video

This is the collaboration we never knew we needed.
/ Source: TODAY

Celine Dion and Deadpool (the foul-mouthed mercenary played in the movies by Ryan Reynolds) are two impressive yet wildly different entities that live on opposite ends of the pop culture spectrum. One is a groundbreaking, commercially successful superhuman with extraordinary abilities, while the other is a Marvel character. (Haha.)

But now, both have come together to deliver the musical collaboration we never knew we needed.

In a music video for "Ashes," a power tune off the "Deadpool 2" soundtrack, the legendary singer and the comic book hero appear on a sweeping, empty stage to perform together.

In typical Celine Dion fashion, she belts from center stage like the powerhouse she is. And in typical Deadpool fashion, the character (or shall we say jester?) performs ballet around her. Come for Dion reaching her apex as a vocal goddess, but stay for Deadpool's pristine pirouettes and grand jetés.

At the end of the video, Reynolds, as Deadpool, calls out to Dion from the back of the auditorium. He applauds her performance, graciously thanking her, but says they need to do the whole thing again.

"OK ... why?" Dion asks.

"Well, it's too good," Deadpool retorts. "Yeah, this is 'Deadpool 2,' not 'Titanic.' You’re at, like, an 11. We need to get you down to a 5, 5 1/2, tops. Just phone it in.”

"Listen!" she says. "This thing only goes to 11. So beat it, Spider-Man."

"God, I should've asked 'NSync," Deadpool mutters to himself.

Watch yourself, Deadpool: Nobody messes with Queen Celine.

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