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Celebs speak up in video about racism in America: 'I take responsibility'

It's part of a campaign urging people to take responsibility for their own implicit bias and racism.

Hollywood celebrities are speaking up about racism in a new video done in partnership with the NAACP.

The video, titled "I Take Responsibility," is part of a PSA in which stars vow to call out hurtful jokes and stereotypes, speak up about police brutality against black men and women, and fight systemic racism.

"Black people are being slaughtered in the streets, killed in their own homes," actress Julianne Moore says in the video. "These are our brothers and sisters."

Actor Stanley Tucci says, "I will no longer allow an unchecked moment. I will no longer allow racist, hurtful words, jokes, stereotypes, no matter how big or small, to be uttered in my presence."

And in perhaps the most powerful moment of the video, actor Aaron Paul calls out police violence.

"Killer cops must be prosecuted," he says. "They are murderers. We can turn the tide. It is time to take responsibility. Call out hate. Step up and take action."

Kristen Bell, Sarah Paulson and Justin Theroux are among the other stars who appear in the video.

A website for the PSA urges people to take responsibility for their own racism or implicit bias and take action in the form of donations, activism and voting.

"Our goal is to rally the white community, to provide education and encourage action," a statement on the website reads. "Our mission is to ensure this takes place."

While the stars' fans are applauding the message, the campaign is getting mixed reactions.

"Can celebrities for one minute just not make everything about them?" one person wrote on YouTube.

Many people were reminded of the video of celebrities singing "Imagine," which prompted similar criticism in March.