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Celebs litter NRA’s enemies list

Plus: Colin Farrell’s exploits in Morocco, Mariah’s hefty hotel bill
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What do Britney Spears, Meryl Streep, Jerry Seinfeld, and Julia Roberts have in common? They’re all on the National Rifle Association’s enemies list.

The list -- which buried deep inside the NRA’s web site — includes more than usual lefty celebs such as Michael Moore and Barbra Streisand. It goes on for a whopping 19 pages and in addition to celebs, it also includes groups — many seemingly non-political, such as the Kansas City Royals.

One source says some celebs consider being on the list a badge of courage — but none of the stars contacted by the Scoop wanted to discuss it. “I don’t know what he thinks and I’m not going to ask him,” one star’s rep told the Scoop.

But it turns out some people are signing up to get on the list. An anti-NRA group has created a web site inviting people to join the NRA enemies’ list, and a spokesman for the group says that more than a thousand people signed up in one day. “It’s a list everyone should be proud to be on,” says the rep.

Feeling cocky

Hollywood hell raiser Colin Farrell isn’t letting a little thing like the conservative Muslim world slow him. The Irish bad boy — currently filming “Alexander” in Morocco — has reportedly been upsetting locals with his late-night drinking and by exposing himself in public. Farrell’s spokeswoman, however, says reports of his bad behavior are greatly exaggerated.

Farrell’s antics, particularly his tendency to drop his trousers, are said to be causing quite a commotion. “He was always getting his bits out when he’d had a few, so much so that we nicknamed him ‘C*** Out Colin,’ ” one crew member told the London Evening Standard.

“The truth about that dropping trousers incident is that he was with the whole cast in a private room and they were not drinking and were in costume, which were skirts, and he lifted his up and everyone laughed,” Farrell’s rep told the Scoop. “Listen, one doesn’t keep a schedule like that and do a role like this and be incapacitated all the time. (Colin) is exactly what he is: is a 27 year old guy living his life — and it’s a good one.”

Notes from all over

Pink isn’t about to be out-bad-girled by Britney Spears. The chameleon-haired singer raised eyebrows by smooching actress Kristanna Loken at a nightclub after the World Music Awards. . ... Gwyneth Paltrow says she was sick of being a celeb. “I spent my 20s just working back to back,” the Oscar winner said, according to SkyNews. “I don’t even know how many films I did, I think close to 30 in 10 years. Then I took a year off when I was 29 and I sort of lost the joy. I lost the thread of why I was doing it. I also think the whole celebrity part of it really just put a bad taste in my mouth, all the time.”

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