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Celebrity slice of life: Justin Timberlake, Aaron Paul bond over TV, pizza

Justin Timberlake is starving for more episodes of "Breaking Bad," it seems. Series star Aaron Paul would love to get some pizza. Both stars bonded over their shared hunger pains on Twitter this week.

This may sound cheesy, but Justin Timberlake, left, and Aaron Paul had a social media bro-ment over "Breaking Bad" and pizza.

Timberlake started the pie-in-the-sky conversation by randomly mentioning on Thursday how much he misses Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Paul's character Jesse Pinkman on his TV.



Paul answered with a request for a date of sorts.



Timberlake then shared a Vine of a peculiar pizza — Chick-fil-A nuggets and french fries? — under construction and cooking.



Pinkman, er, Paul, clearly had the munchies after watching that video.



Timberlake added a hashtag to the Twitter toppings to complete the back-and-forth.



Keep an eye on both celebs on Twitter to see if their shared love for great TV and great food brings them closer. 

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