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Celebrity guests arrive for TomKat wedding

Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez and Brooke Shields all arrive in Rome.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jim Carrey was the first to land in Rome on Thursday, when he landed at 11 a.m. on his own private jet. Moments later, the Holmes family arrived from Ohio for their little girl’s big fat Italian wedding.

And one thing is for sure — the tiny town of Bracciano is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony arrived. So did Jada Pinkett Smith and Brooke Shields.

Also making the trip was Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and People magazine senior editor Galina Espinoza, who were on the scene to cover all the wedding happenings.

“Moments ago we witnessed Ken Paves — hairstylist to Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria — arrive. He’s here to do Katie’s hair and perhaps he’ll be working overtime,” Billy told Galina.

“I would imagine he’s going to be working on the other female guests because we know that Katie’s mom and one of her sisters have arrived, as have her father and her brother,” Galina revealed.

And while Jim Carrey flew in on his own private jet, Brooke Shields, Cameron Crowe and J.Lo and Marc all traveled in high style on a chartered jet that took off from Burbank, California shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, headed for a stopover in Canada before landing in Italy.

“What else would you expect from J. Lo than for her to come off the private plane wearing a blue fur coat and matching hat,” Galina noted.

Another likely guest at the wedding is Italian opera sensation Andrea Bocelli, who shot down one wedding rumor when he spoke with Billy.

“Are you performing at Tom and Katie’s wedding?” Billy asked Bocelli.

“No no no. I will probably be [going], but I won’t sing,” Bocelli revealed.

Meanwhile, Bracciano Mayor Patrizia Riccioni told Access Hollywood that she had an intimate meeting with Tom and Katie where she hand-delivered a silver statue of the castle with the wedding date engraved on it as a “Thank You” for choosing their town. She said Tom and Katie greatly appreciated the gift.

But the giving doesn’t stop there.

Riccioni revealed that Tom and Katie are not paying for their wedding location. That is also a gift. Normally using the castle for such a grand affair would cost about $50,000.

On Thursday night, approximately 130 guests are expected at the restaurant Nino for a pre-wedding dinner.

During the day on Thursday, Tom and Katie spent some time in their hotel working out together.

After all, they have a wedding to get ready for.