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Celebrity Apprentice: Richard Hatch, David Cassidy and Pizza Pies Don't Mix

David Cassidy just couldn't catch a break on the season opener of Celebrity Apprentice.
/ Source: E!online

David Cassidy just couldn't catch a break on the season opener of Celebrity Apprentice.

After getting shoved out of the way by Survivor winner Richard Hatch, the former teen heartthrob was the first to hear Donald Trump's signature line, "You're fired" (after Hatch called him delicate, little and sensitive in the boardroom).

So what went down?

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The show's season 11 kicked off with Trump sending the fiery cast on a mission to cook up pizzas for charity.

The men's team unanimously chose Hatch as project manager of Team Backbone, while the ladies chose Star Jones to run the show of Team A.S.A.P.-Artists, Singers, Authors and Professionals with a Purpose. (Thankfully, the men ignored Gary Busey's name suggestion of "Team Sperm Farmers.")

And while the feud between Star and Nene Leakes has yet to unfold, the tension between Cassidy and Hatch surfaced when Cassidy kept trying to offer suggestions while Hatch barked out orders to the group at the pizza parlor.

"David, be quiet for one second," Hatch snapped and pushed Cassidy out of the way after he pulled out his phone during the meeting.

But that wasn't the only downer of Cassidy's day.

While teammates like Lil' Jon and John Rich received sizeable charitable donations from friends, Cassidy's only big get was from his daughter, Gossip Girl actress Katie Cassidy, who bought a pie for $1,000.

Alas, not even Rich's big-budget donations (or Busey's "pepperoni prophet" wackiness) were a match for Team ASAP.

Niki Taylor's pizza slinging skills, coupled with Team ASAP's big budget donations (Star's friends donated $40,000 for pizza) garnered $170,000 for charity, making them the winning team for the evening.

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