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Celebrity Apprentice: Gary Busey Is Feeling Sexy for Sunscreen

Gary Busey has some strong feelings about sunscreen.
/ Source: E!online

Gary Busey has some strong feelings about sunscreen.

Including it seems, um, sexual ones.

OK, then...let's get down to business about Celebrity Apprentice.

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Mark McGrath was project manager for the men, facing off against La Toya Jackson for a challenge involving Australian Gold sunscreen and a box. Team Backbone went for a pirate theme, while the A.S.A.P aimed for a "fun" vibe that involved thousands of pounds of sand, a couple of models...and plenty of confusion.

And yet, La Toya &Co. still eked out a win despite Busey's sexy feelings for the product. So were his antics enough to get him the boot this week?

Not even.

The men's team did seem have it out for the bumbling actor in the boardroom, with Meat Loaf saying Busey was a big liability and Lil' Jon telling Busey to shut up. But McGrath's maties has neglected to use the company's koala bear mascot, which put the losing team's project manager on the chopping block...and McGrath (who surrendered himself) did not survive.

"You're project manager and you picked the theme," Donald Trump said. "They didn't like the theme. Mark, you're fired."

But that wasn't the end.

After Team A.S.A.P. won, Trump told La Toya-bashing Nene Leakes to apologize to her project manager. Leakes not only refused she went off on La Toya, saying the Jackson sibling was only famous for her family's last name, among other insults.

"Don't ever try me like that! I worked my a-- off while you sat there and looked like Casper the Ghost. Listen here, Casper," Leakes said. "You are very old and you need to play your age and not 12. You are an old lady."

Consider the feud between La Toya and Nene officially on.

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