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Exclusive: Meet the creators on TikTok's first-ever Black Visionaries list

The social media platform is highlighting a collection of creators you don’t want to miss in 2023.
Tik tok creators within rectangles on a color background
TikTok is putting a spotlight on 15 groundbreaking Black content creators.TODAY Illustration / Gonzalo Marroquin / Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

TikTok has a special treat for users looking to find some of the most talented and impact-making Black content creators on its wildly popular platform.

The social media app is releasing its first-ever Black Visionary Voices list this year, highlighting the work of 15 honorees who specialize in a wide range of content, from small business owners and artists to what TikTok heralds as "industry disruptors."

And is pleased to have an exclusive first-look at some of the impressive talent that made the cut. To find the full list and more celebrations throughout the month of February, check out the #BlackTikTok hub on the app.

@_itzpsyiconic_Who: TikTok is putting a spotlight on a humorist named Kelon (@_itzpsyiconic_).

Followers: 1.3 million+

What you should know: Kelon hails from Houston, Texas, but his performances take place in a world of his own creation, where characters like "Terri Joe," "Jeorgia Peach" and more take control of his live sessions and leave fans laughing.


Who: Kahlil Greene (@kahlilgreen) has dubbed himself the “Gen Z Historian" of TikTok.

Followers: 587,000+

What you should know: Green uses his platform and popularity to deliver lessons to his followers about politics, civil rights and race-related topics in American culture through his series "Hidden History."


Who: Ice Spice (@icespicee), a rapper-singer who's setting the tone on the Tok.

Followers: 2.8 million+

What you should know: The 23-year-old Bronx-based entertainer is gaining fame on the app (and beyond) for her often-lip-synced tracks like “Munch (Feelin’ U),” “Princess Diana” and “In Ha Mood.” 


Who: Maiya The Don (@maiyathedon) is a makeup artist turned beauty guru turned hip-hop entertainer. 

Followers: 671,000+

What you should know: The performer from Brooklyn, who’s friends with the aforementioned Ice Spice, is a rising star on TikTok. Her latest single, “Telfy,” has already been played more than 3 million times on Spotify. 


Who: Brandon Blackwood (@brandonblackwoodnyc) is a New York City-based designer with his own eponymously titled brand.

Followers: 63,000+

What you should know: The handbag, shoes and outerwear creator does more than tell a visual story with his designs on TikTok. He pushes for change beyond the world of accessories. In 2020, Blackwood produced his most famous piece to date: a tote, released amid Black Lives Matter protests that swapped out his nameplate on the bag for the phrase “End Systemic Racism.” 


Who: Danessa Myricks (@danessamyricksbeauty), who is a self-taught makeup artist who's now the face of her own makeup line.

Followers: 175,000+

What you should know: Myricks, who worked with KISS and Benefit Cosmetics in the past, now showcases her own products on TikTok, providing makeup tutorials and revealing how individual products can be put to a wide variety of uses. 


Who: Keith Lee( @keith_lee125), is a food-loving content creator from Las Vegas. 

Followers: 10.1 million+

What you should know: Lee has a passion for family-run restaurants and little-known hacks from the big chains, and he doesn’t just put the spotlight on the meals when he dines on TikTok. He also highlights service workers and has high praise (and gives high tips) for those who really deliver.