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Cee Lo Green promises his 'Voice' hiatus isn't permanent: 'I'll be back'

Good news for Cee Lo Green and "The Voice" fans: The celebrity coach and singer of "Forget You" is not abandoning the reality universe forever -- he's just taking a little breather for season 4. But he'll be back!

"I know that's kind of been misconstrued on occasion, so I want to make that clear," he told TODAY's Matt Lauer Thursday, noting that some have interpreted his hiatus as an exit. "I'll be back."

Meanwhile, the contestants on this season's "The Voice" are keeping him busy, and Cee Lo says the whole coaching job has been a "learning experience, and I'm having fun." Perhaps never so much fun as when he's hanging out with the salmon-colored cockatoo, Lady, who perches on his shoulder (and sometimes elsewhere) during the show. "She's a star ... an extension of me, and an extension of style and sense of humor," he said.

But Cee Lo isn't just about "The Voice" -- this Christmas season, he'll be releasing a holiday album (featuring performances by Rod Stewart and The Muppets, among others), and he's writing a memoir. Lauer wondered how the loss of both of his parents before he was 18 had affected him.

"Positively," said the low-key singer. "I do feel a stronger sense of purpose and focus and discipline and obedience. And I do feel like I'm honoring the legacy of my mother and father."

"The Voice" airs on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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