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Catherine Zeta-Jones finds out her son Dylan went skydiving through Instagram

"Don’t tell mom..."
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing quite like finding out your teen son has jumped out of an airplane by checking his Instagram.

Dylan Douglas, 19, the son of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, had a little surprise for his mother earlier this week.

"Don't tell mom..." he captioned a video of himself skydiving.

"Mom just found out😩😩😩😩" Zeta-Jones, 49, wrote in a comment on the video post.

Dylan's older brother, Cameron, 40, weighed in on his jump with a sign of the horns 🤘 emoji.

Michael Douglas, 74, also shared the video on his Instagram, making sure Zeta-Jones knew he was not in on Dylan's jump.

"No I wasn’t the Cameraman!" he joked.

The tandem skydive was the latest adventure for Dylan Douglas, who posted a video of himself leaping off a cliff into the water in Italy last month.

When he isn't leaping off something to scare his mom, he also makes sure to support her.

The whole family recently got together for a photo of four generations of the Douglas clan, including Michael's 102-year-old father, acting legend Kirk Douglas, as well as Cameron's baby daughter, Lua, who is 19 months old.

Zeta-Jones can at least take solace that she still has one teen at home whose wild adventures she doesn't have to learn about on Instagram.

The couple's daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas, 16, has partnered with her mother for multiple striking magazine covers, including the September issue of Vanity Fair Spain.

Enjoying life has been a point of emphasis from Douglas and Zeta-Jones to their children and they certainly seem to be following that direction.

"My parents do a really good job of reality-checking me and being like, ‘Look around you. The life you have is extraordinary,’” Carys told Town & Country last fall.