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Cast thinks ‘90210’ girls are too skinny

Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes started out slender, but their producers and cast mates think they need to put on some weight, according to US Weekly.
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New “90210” starlets Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes are stirring up plenty of drama onscreen, but it’s their offscreen woes that have their cast mates worried. According to Us Weekly, the already pin-thin actresses are losing weight at an alarming rate.

“(Producers and co-stars) want the girls to gain weight,” an insider revealed. “They are trying too hard to be skinny, and it’s started to wear on them. It’s just not healthy.”

Hoping to help before the problem gets out of hand, concerned cast and crew are said to be planning an intervention of sorts for Jessica and Shenae.

“The girls were all skinny when they started, but they’re definitely thinner now,” another insider shared. “I heard some of the boys on the show are going to sit down with the girls and talk to them.”

Jonas Brothers think they’ll marry their biggest fan
There’s good news for fans who dream of a future with their favorite Jonas brother. The trio recently took to their MySpace blog and said that they not only date their devotees, they plan to settle down with them one day.

“We have already dated fans or girls that are not celebrities,” the boy band wrote. “In fact, we really like to believe that the girl we will spend our lives with will be our biggest ‘fan.’”

One person who can be crossed off Kevin, Joe and Nick’s list of potential biggest fans is rocker Courtney Love. When TMZ asked the former Hole singer what she thought of the Disney stars, she didn’t hold back.

“They’re a bunch of pasty white, completely non-rock and roll, Christian … I can’t stand that s--t!” Courtney said before admitting, “I don’t even know what they sound like.”

‘Betty’ makes beauty easy for America Ferrera
America Ferrera doesn’t mind frumping up for her role in “Ugly Betty.” In an interview with the Daily Mirror, the 24-year-old admits the attention she gets once she’s out of character more than makes up for it.

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“It doesn’t take as long as people might think for me to transform into Betty, unfortunately!” the actress revealed. “You just kind of get used to it — just plop on the wig, put in the braces and put on the glasses.”

Going from Betty back to her old self is just as easy, and that’s the real payoff for America.

“I’m very lucky in that respect — the expectations are really low for me because I play ‘Ugly Betty,’” she told the paper. “I can just walk out in jeans and a T-shirt and people are like, ‘Man, you look good!’”

Dish on the fly
While Josh Brolin remains hush-hush about the events that led to his July arrest in Louisiana, he opened up to W magazine about his subsequent jail time. “Let me put it this way,” he started. “It was nice to be in jail knowing that I hadn’t done anything wrong. And it was maddening to be in jail knowing that I hadn’t done anything wrong.” … Move over, Nicole Richie. Paris Hilton claims her upcoming MTV reality series, “My New BFF,” wasn’t simply a made-for-TV gimmick — she really has a new best friend. “The person who won is now my best friend,” the celebutante said in a quote published in the Daily Star. According to Paris, she and her unnamed pal spend a lot of time together. “We’ve been having barbecues and hanging out at the house. The winner and I have been pretty low-key so far, because it is top secret right now.”

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