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Cast of 1995 'Baby-Sitters Club' movie has a text chain, says star Larisa Oleynik

There's a new "club" in town, thanks to Netflix, but the original gang is still pretty tight.
/ Source: TODAY

Turns out that membership in "The Baby-Sitters Club" is forever!

At least, that's according to actress Larisa Oleynik, who played Dawn in the 1995 film version of the classic kids' book series. As she notes in a new video for Netflix, they keep in touch virtually these days.

"I am on a text chain with all the 'Baby-Sitters,'" she says in the video. She then clarifies that it's not with the "Baby-Sitters" of Netflix's new series, but rather the actresses she appeared with in the film (Schuyler Fisk, Bre Blair, Tricia Joe, Rachael Leigh Cook, Stacy Linn Ramsower and Zelda Harris).

She posted pictures on Instagram in March of much of the old gang, all grown up and back in the day, writing, "Get yourself a club that loves you for you, 'allergies' and all":

"I have made some lifelong friendships from 'The Baby-Sitters Club,' and that's what 'The Baby-Sitters Club' is about, and kind of banding together and doing it yourself and creating jobs."

There were dozens of "Baby-Sitters Club" books published between 1986 and 2000, most of which were written by creator Ann M. Martin. They focused on a diverse, ambitious group of middle schoolers who decided to create a business around babysitting, but discovered enduring friendships in the process. There was a 1990 TV series that aired for a couple of months on HBO, then the 1995 film, and most recently Netflix's re-imagining of the girls for a series, which was released July 3.

Oleynik says she and many of the old 'Sitters are still keeping in touch.Netflix

Oleynik, who currently stars in the comedy web series "The Healing Powers of Dude," says she felt playing Dawn was meant to happen.

"I remember I auditioned for a couple different babysitters, but I kept, like, every time I'd be like ... really drawn to Dawn," she says. "I just remember that was a super magical summer for a lot of us."

The young ladies now appearing in Netflix's new "The Baby-Sitters Club."Kailey Schwerman/Netflix

But the story of "The Baby-Sitters Club" endures, she adds, because "there is something about the confidence that you have as a young woman that you really just feel like anything is possible and if that you just get the right group together and put your heads together that you can kind of do anything you dream of. That is always incredibly important and the lesson that I continue to learn."