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Cartman falls in love on 'South Park'

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Cartman gets emotional on the new episode of "South Park."

"South Park" has seen some strange things --  Scuzzlebutt, a headless Britney Spears, an invasion of giant guinea pigs and much more -- but the strangest may be yet to come.

You see, in Wednesday's new episode, it seems self-centered bully Cartman discovers that he has a heart. And not only that ... he falls in love.

As Mrs. Broflovski would say, "Wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!"

According to Comedy Central, when a new girl named Nicole enrolls at South Park Elementary, everyone wants to know who she has a crush on. And with her arrival, Cartman discovers something within himself he -- and the rest of the world -- never knew he had. To make sure true love prevails, according to the network, it may be time for the rolly-poly brat to reveal his feelings.

Take a look at this sneak peek:

The "South Park" episode "Cartman Finds Love" premieres on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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