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Cartman is the 1 percent on 'South Park'

Cartman may be up in arms over his lack of physical fitness, but that doesn't mean he wants to do more pushups.

In the world of "South Park," no one is safe from parody: Not the 1 percent and not the 99 percent. And tonight's episode "1%" skewers all 100 percent, all at once.

What that means is that the Occupy Wall Street protestors will need to guard themselves from a different sort of assault, as the Comedy Central animated series makes overweight Cartman the 1 percent who fails his physical fitness exam. That means the others, who do pass, will have to perform more exercises. They're not happy.


"You're the 99 percent ganging up on the 1 percent," he whines to his schoolmates.

Back home, Cartman hangs out with his stuffed animals and whines further. "Now the 99 percent is saying everything is my fault!" he says.

Check out the clip here.

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