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Carson Daly and Willie Geist try to win Mindy Kaling's heart on TODAY

Mindy Kaling's got two big crushes: Willie Geist and Carson Daly.
/ Source: TODAY

Mindy Kaling's big crush on Willie Geist is no secret.

"I like to think it's reciprocated," she said Thursday on TODAY.

But her feelings for Carson Daly are a bit newer, and Savannah Guthrie decided to pit the two men against one another in a battle for "The Mindy Project" star's heart, using a few pointed questions to see where Kaling's affections really are.

Who would she rather be stuck on island with? Carson. After all, he "has really good 'Voice' stories." We'd have to agree. Carson likely does have some juicy celebrity-centric tidbits up his sleeve.


As for who she'd rather cast as a love interest on her show?

"Willie's, as you know, 8-feet tall, so he makes me feel tiny," Kaling explained, holding up the card with his smiling face on it.


When it came to the question of who would win in a physical fight for her affections, though, a whole new player entered the game: Savannah herself.

"I mean, come on," said Kaling. "You've given birth."

The final two questions made Kaling's thoughts pretty clear. Carson won for best dancer, and he was also the one Kaling said she'd rather receive a halfhearted, two-minute shoulder rub from.

That turned into a "full-hearted" shoulder rub when Willie walked sadly out of the Orange Room and Carson, the victor of Kaling's heart, walked over to make her dreams a reality.