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Carson Daly and wife Siri share Emmys are way too adorable

TODAY's own Carson Daly and wife Siri prove you can be both cute and glamorous in these sweet photos from the 2016 Emmys.
/ Source: TODAY

Cute and glamorous. It's a combo not many can pull off, but then again, not many people have the talent of TODAY's own Carson Daly, 43, and his wife, Siri Daly.

The pair couldn't have been more adorable — or more polished — when they took to the red carpet Sunday night for the 2016 Emmys.

Together on Instagram, they shared a few sweet behind-the-scenes photos ... and made us say "aww" in the process.

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"Mom and Dad are OUT!!!!!!!! #GoVoice #Emmys2016 #KimmelEmmys" the food blogger and TODAY contributor captioned the first photo, showing her in a stunning red dress, with Carson looking dashing in a suit. The couple have three children — Jackson James, 7; Etta Jones, 4; and London Rose, 2 — and have been together 11 years.

As if it couldn't get any cuter ... well, you guessed it. Carson — who took home a statue for his role as a producer for "The Voice" — one-upped his wife with a snap of his own, picturing Siri at a sushi restaurant with a giant Emmy to her left.

"What happens minutes after winning an #Emmy?" Carson wrote. "You take your ravishingly beautiful wife for sushi. And take an unsuspecting snap. I'm a winner b/c I have her not a trophy."

COME ON, you guys. You're making us tear up over here.