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Carson Daly says he and wife Siri don't always sleep together: 'It's the best thing'

“I was served my sleep-divorce papers a few years ago,” Carson said.
/ Source: TODAY

Carson Daly and his wife, Siri Daly, started sleeping in separate bedrooms a few years ago, and he says they decided “it’s the best thing.”

But he may have just discovered the next best thing — a Scandinavian sleep method that’s quickly becoming a slumber trend, as it has couples sharing their bed but not sharing their blankets.

“You have your own comforters or duvets,” Carson explained on TODAY Friday morning. “Studies have actually found that sleeping with the same blanket can result in more interrupted sleep, as much as 30%.”

And while not everyone seated with him in Studio 1A saw the appeal, Carson thought the idea really had merit.

Carson and Siri
Carson and Siri Daly realize the value of a good night's sleep. NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

The TODAY co-host, 48, and Siri, who's also a TODAY Food contributor, began sleeping apart while Siri was pregnant with their fourth child, Goldie, born on March 26, 2020.

“I was served my sleep-divorce papers a few years ago,” he explained Friday morning. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us. We both, admittedly, slept better apart.”

Although, in a 2020 interview with People magazine, Carson declared that he and Siri might never sleep together again, it happens on occasion. But whether he’s “on the couch in the guest room” or in the bed, they give each other some space.

Thus the appeal of the Scandinavian way.

“This sounds like (it’s) really worth trying, because you have independence,” he noted.

In his chat with People on the topic of sleep, he explained what first inspired the bedroom divide between him and his wife.

"We're both pretty good-sized humans, and it just wasn't really working when she was in her third trimester, and I also have sleep apnea, which is very sexy for the ladies out there, I'm sure,” Carson joked to the magazine. “She couldn't get comfortable, so we were like a commercial you would see, kicking each other and just not sleeping.”

“We woke up and we just shook hands like, ‘I love you, but it's time to sleep divorce. It'll be the best thing for all of us,’” he added.

"I don't know if we'll ever sleep together again," he said.

Carson previously opened up about the decision with his fellow TODAY hosts.

"Siri and I are sleeping apart right now because we're renovating our house," he explained. "She's pregnant so she has some rough nights. I have sleep apnea so I just started on this CPAP. It's a mask that makes all sorts of noise. ... We don't want to sleep apart, but we have now, and I think secretly we're both like, 'This is kinda cool' because you get command of the whole room."

In another conversation with Dr. Mehmet Oz on TODAY in 2019, Carson joked that he and Siri got a "sleep divorce" due to "irreconcilable sleeping."

"If you're not taking care of your sleep, you're hurting your marriage," Oz answered.

That's why the couple continue to prioritize getting a good night's rest.