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Carson Daly to Seth Meyers: TODAY lets 'me flex what talents I have'

Is anyone busier than Carson Daly? Not only does he turn up bright and chipper every weekday in the TODAY studio, he’s the enthusiastic emcee on NBC’s “The Voice”; hosts “Last Call with Carson Daly” in late night; has a radio show, and is about to become a daddy for the third time. Phew!

Seth Meyers was as curious as the rest of us to find out how Daly juggles it all, so during Carson's Monday “Late Night” visit, the NBC colleagues got down to business. Here are three things we learned about being an uber-employed host and daddy:

TODAY is a lot like “Total Request Live”
From 1998 to 2002, Daly's home turf was at MTV's hot countdown series, the pair recalled. “The TODAY Show feels like that," Carson said. "I don't possess many talents, but honestly, the TODAY Show really does let me flex what talents I have and it's very similar to 'TRL.' ... If it requires counting backwards and making children, I'm your man! That's what I do!"

When opportunity knocks, Daly invites it in
“I’m not afraid to work,” he said. “It’s not a sexy answer. Because to me, it's just work. ... I also, I operate a lot out of fear, I don't come from any money.... I’m also aware of what it’s like to not have work, so while the getting’s good, you gotta get it!”

Life as a father is easier with trickery
Baby No. 3 is coming any day now, so how have Daly and his fiancee, Siri Pinter, prepared their other two youngsters for the new arrival? Presents, naturally. “We bribe our kids, that’s the best thing to do,” Carson said, explaining that they've given the children gifts and said they're from the baby-to-be. “So the idea now when baby No. 3 comes, Jackson, my 5-year-old, and Etta the 2-year-old think Siri is giving birth to Santa Claus,” he chuckled.

Meyers was clearly impressed, and wished Daly all the best. “I hope one day you have as many children as jobs!” he said.

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