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Carrie Underwood warns, 'Somebody's going to trip' on 'Sound of Music Live!'

On Thursday night, country music star Carrie Underwood will sing about her "Favorite Things" while traipsing through pre-war Austria on live TV. Or at least, that's what it's going to look like. What she'll actually be doing is navigating 25 scene changes as Maria in "The Sound of Music Live!" and doing her best not to trip up her lines or trip on the props.

But she's not fretting over the idea of making mistakes. In fact, as she revealed during a chat with TODAY's Natalie Morales, she considers those things inevitable.

"I'm not worried about mistakes because I know they'll happen," she said. "Somebody's going to trip or something coming down the stairs — hopefully not fall down the stairs."

While she'd rather that somebody not be her, she admitted she has one particularly risky maneuver ahead.

"There's one point where I have to walk up the stairs backwards … in heels," Underwood explained.

She isn't the only one thinking about potential problems on those stairs. Co-star Stephen Moyer, who'll play the part of military man Captain von Trapp, has to tackle them in his opening scene.

"That could be calamitous," he told TODAY.

The tricky moves the audience will see aren't the only opportunities for flubs. There are over 200 costumes for the cast, and they won't have long to slip into the outfits.

"I think I have 48 seconds to change my clothes," Underwood said.

Whatever happens, there are a few members of the cast Underwood feels certain won't have any problems — the young actors who'll play the Von Trapp children.

"These kids are so great; they're so brave," she said. "I could not have done this at 7 years old."

See how the television event plays out when "The Sound of Music Live!" airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC.