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Carrie Underwood shares details of terrifying accident: 'It set me back'

The country superstar opened up about the November accident that fractured her wrist and caused her to receive more than 40 stitches in her face.
/ Source: TODAY

Carrie Underwood is opening up about the the terrifying November accident that fractured her wrist and caused her to receive more than 40 stitches in her face.

During her Thursday appearance on iHeartRadio’s "The Bobby Bones Show," the 35-year-old country superstar said the accident, which happened when she tripped on stairs outside her Nashville home, "set her back" both physically and emotionally.

"I was taking the dogs out ... I just tripped, and there was one step and I didn’t let go of the leashes. Priorities!" the singer shared of the her fall, which also caused her to break her right wrist. "So, that’s why my left hand's fine. But I went to catch myself and I just missed a step. If I had fallen anywhere else, I would’ve been perfectly fine. It was one step that messed everything up."

Though she's been "nervous" about her appearance since her fall, the singer's fans have noted she looks as stunning as always. Underwood chalks that up to time.

"I’ve been very fortunate in the healing process," she said. "I was lucky that when it happened, everything was kind of shutting down in the music world and we had the holidays and stuff like that. But I was at a point where I didn’t know how things were going to end up… I didn't know what it was going to heal like."

What most aggravated the "American Idol" alum about her wrist injury was that it made it difficult for her to stay active.

"The most frustrating part was trying to work out with a broken wrist and just how much it can throw off your world, having an appendage that is there, but you just can’t use," she said.

She also worried her son Isaiah, 3 (with her hubby, pro hockey player Mike Fisher) would be frightened by the cuts to her face.

Now he’s sweet. For a while I was worried he would be scared of me, but now if I put makeup on, he’s like, ‘Mommy, your boo-boo's all gone,'" she said.

Now she's back in the studio recording her new album, "Cry Pretty," and thrilled to be making music for fans again.

“It feels good," she said. "It feels good every time around, but it feels good."